ASN Marketing Partners

What is an ASN Marketing Partner?

Approved Senior Network has been serving the home care and senior care market since 2008. We are very careful when it comes to strategic relationships with other vendors. 


Do we make money when you click on the links below? It’s possible that we receive a nominal referral fee (but most of the time, no we do not.) The reality is that it’s not the money we care about. 


It’s the relationship with the vendor and our relationship with YOU that really matters to us.  We are not in the “affiliate” business, we are in the “relationship” business.



In order to become an ASN Marketing Partner, the following must be true:

  1. We know our marketing partners well.
  2. We trust our marketing partners to do the right thing for all home care agencies.
  3. We believe in our marketing partners’ missions, visions, and values.
  4. We share common goals with our marketing partners relative to helping home care agencies be successful.


Current ASN Marketing Partners is an online home care service quoting platform.


Define Your Agency. Increase Your Revenue Premiere HomeCareQuote Platform Created for Home Care Agencies by a Veteran Home Care Agency Owner HomeCareQuote enhances the quality of care your home care agency provides, increases revenue earned, and helps streamline operations for better outcomes.  

  • Steady pricing model used by all office staff.
  • Consistency with messages regarding care and pricing.
  • Operational changes that help with communication, reporting, and education for services.
  • Remove inefficiencies from the workflow that decrease revenue.
  • Decrease care professional turnover by better compensation adjustments and opportunities for more pay.


Whether you are an Independent Home Care Agency, Private Duty Home Care startup, or Franchisors, CareSmartz360 is designed to meet your business needs.

Developed by software technology experts in collaboration with home care providers.

CareSmartz360 is a HIPAA compliant, cloud-based software solution that manages every aspect of your home care business such as:

  • Point of care,
  • EVV,
  • Automated Billing,
  • Scheduling,
  • Custom Reporting,
  • Training,
  • Caregiver Retention,
  • HR,
  • Telephony,
  • Mobile App solution,
  • and much more.

Listen to Ruby Mehta, VP of Sales on the Senior Care Industry Netcast.


Connected Home Living extends the reach of the care team to connect and engage with patients efficiently and knowledgeably. We employ defined thresholds for patient monitoring with an active coaching relationship to achieve best outcomes. CHL supports patient engagement, satisfaction and empowerment through education, connectivity and guidance to resources.

  • FALL SAFETY ALERT without camera, wearable or buttons
  • NEW REVENUE STREAM without disruption of existing workflow and need for additional staff
  • LOWER avoidable hospital readmission 
  • COMBATsocial isolation and loneliness
  • SUPPLEMENTAL Virtual Caregiving with low physical caregiving hours.
  • LOW-COST Virtual Caregiving-only alternative when the client is not ready for any physical caregiving.
  • CHRONIC CARE and COVID-19-ready.
  • RETAIN patient long-term.
  • TURN-KEY Solution and quicker time to market.
  • GENUINE WOW Factor

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When it comes to training home care agencies and marketers how to SELL….Melanie Stover and Cheryl Peltekis are the best in the business!

We believe in a better approach for delivering health care to patients who are suffering with aging and chronic illness in their homes.

Sales representatives are crucial at identifying those who can have home health, hospice or home care.

We want to educate as many people as possible, so the greatest amount of patients can get home-based programs and achieve a higher quality of life.

It is our mission to help people get the care they deserve.

Listen to Melanie and Cheryl on the Senior Care Industry Netcast.