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Home Care Marketing Mastermind meets every other Friday at 1pm Eastern. Dawn Fiala, Lisa Marsolais, and Valerie VanBooven RN BSN walk home care agencies through in-person and online marketing strategies and techniques. ASN current clients attend for FREE. All others are $57 per month.

Invite your office staff to attend. Encourage your home care marketing sales team to attend! Learn from some serious marketing and sales veterans. You will be surprised by what “works” and what gets more referrals and clients than ever before! Worth every penny and more.

If your digital marketing agency is not teaching you how to do more in-person direct referral marketing and close more sales, you need to CHANGE your digital marketing agency!

Home Care Marketing Mastermind by Approved Senior Network

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Joining the Home Care Marketing Mastermind group can have numerous benefits for home care agency owners.


Here are ten potential benefits:


  1. Learning from others: By joining a mastermind group, you get to interact with like-minded individuals who are working towards similar goals. You can learn from their experiences, successes, and failures.
  2. Accountability: Being part of a mastermind group can help keep you accountable for your goals. You’ll have regular check-ins with other members, and they can help keep you on track.
  3. Networking: Joining a mastermind group can help you expand your network of contacts. You’ll meet other business owners and entrepreneurs who you may be able to collaborate with or who can introduce you to new clients.
  4. Brainstorming: Mastermind groups often include brainstorming sessions where members can share ideas and get feedback from the group. This can help you generate new ideas and approaches to your marketing strategy.
  5. Access to resources: Other members of the group may have access to resources and tools that can help you with your marketing efforts. By joining a mastermind group, you’ll have access to these resources as well.
  6. Support: Starting and running a business can be challenging, and it can be helpful to have a group of people who understand what you’re going through. Mastermind groups can provide a supportive environment where you can share your struggles and get encouragement from others.
  7. Expert advice: Depending on the makeup of the group, you may have access to experts in various areas of marketing. This can include SEO, social media, email marketing, and more.
  8. Increased confidence: Being part of a mastermind group can help you build your confidence in your marketing skills. You’ll have the opportunity to share your knowledge with others and receive validation for your expertise.
  9. Feedback: By sharing your marketing strategies with the group, you can receive valuable feedback on what’s working and what’s not. This can help you refine your approach and improve your results.
  10. Personal growth: Being part of a mastermind group can be a transformative experience. You’ll have the opportunity to learn new skills, build relationships, and grow as a person and a business owner.

Home Care Marketing Mastermind Features


  • New Brandable Handouts at Every Meeting
  • Private Facebook Group
  • Access to Slides from Each Meeting
  • Q/A with Presenters Each Live Meeting
  • Marketing Kit Give-Aways Each Month


  • Bi-Monthly Zoom Call
  • Private to Subscribers Only
  • Recorded for Replay Later
  • Monthly Marketing Materials for In-Person and Online Marketing
  • Office Staff are Encouraged to Attend.
  • Online Marketing Strategies
    Social Media
  • Referral Marketing (Online and Offline)
  • Monthly Marketing Ideas
  • Recruiting Strategies
  • Caregiver Retention Strategies
  • Excellent for veteran home care /senior care agency owners
  • Excellent for startups
  • Excellent for other senior care businesses that are not specifically “home care

Meet the Mastermind Leadership

Dawn Fiala

Dawn Fiala, Approved Senior Network
Before joining Approved Senior Network, she worked for Devoted Guardians Home Care and Home Health in Tempe, as Director of Marketing.

She increased revenue by 84% (3.5 million) in three years by developing and building high-performing teams and a stellar brand.

She has also worked for Home Instead Senior Care in outside sales, as Director of Marketing and Director of Operations.
Dawn brings with her a wealth of knowledge and understanding of the current home care space, from online marketing to in-person direct referral marketing. She is also intimately familiar with the challenges of recruiting and retention in the home care market and comes to us with a plethora of ideas to share with our clients.
Dawn Fiala is based in Phoenix, AZ. She has a Bachelor of Science in Marketing, & 15 years experience in Home Care Marketing, Sales, Recruitment, and Retention. She is a wife, a mom to two grown children (got them through college – whew), and a dog/cat mom. Dawn enjoys hiking and movies.

Valerie Van Booven RN BSN

Valerie VanBooven RN BSN

Valerie VanBooven is the co-owner and founder of Approved Senior Network.


She has 31 years of nursing experience, both in the hospital system and in the community setting. She has served as an ICU Nurse, Discharge Planner, Health Insurance Liasion, Care Manager, and more.


She has 15+ years of experience in online marketing and has worn every hat in the company since the beginning. 


Valerie is the author of several books on aging and caregiving. She speaks professionally across the U.S.


First and foremost, Valerie is a wife, mom of triplets (age 16!) and dog mom.

Lisa Marsolais

Lisa Marsolais

Lisa Marsolais is a detail-oriented relationship builder with a successful background in sales, business development, and operations.


She has proven herself as an exceptional Branch Manager at Gentiva Personal Care and as a Client Care and Scheduling Manager at Comfort Keepers. Her expertise lies in cultivating new business while maintaining and managing established clients and business relationships.


Lisa built strong client relationships by responding to inquiries, identifying and assessing clients’ needs, resolving problems, and following up with potential and existing clients.


She handled complaints, provided appropriate solutions and alternatives within appropriate timeframes, and followed up to achieve resolution.


She performed her duties and provided services in accordance with established operating procedures and company policies while maintaining client files with sales contracts, records of client interactions, client notes, and other information.

Frequently Asked Questions About Home Care Marketing Mastermind

A home care marketing mastermind group is a community of like-minded entrepreneurs who come together to share knowledge, ideas, and resources to improve their marketing efforts. Joining a mastermind group can help home care agency owners in several ways, including gaining new insights into marketing strategies, identifying potential challenges and solutions, receiving feedback on their marketing initiatives, and establishing valuable connections with other business owners in their industry.

To find the right marketing mastermind group for your home care business, you should start by doing some research online. Look for groups that cater to your industry or niche, and read reviews or testimonials from other members to gauge their experiences. You can also reach out to your professional network or business associations for recommendations. It’s important to choose a group that aligns with your values and goals and provides a supportive and constructive environment.

ASN’s Home Care Marketing Mastermind is $57 per month. If you are a client in the “Connect and Grow” Program, it’s FREE.


The costs of joining a marketing mastermind group can vary depending on the group’s size, structure, and level of engagement. Some groups may charge a monthly or annual membership fee, while others may require an upfront payment for a set period. In addition to membership fees, you may also need to budget for travel expenses if the group meets in person, or for virtual meeting software if the group meets online.

Participating in a marketing mastermind group can provide numerous benefits for your home care agency, such as access to expert insights and feedback, accountability, and networking opportunities. You should expect to contribute to the group’s discussions and activities actively, share your experiences and expertise, and be open to constructive feedback and suggestions. You should also be prepared to dedicate time and resources to implementing the strategies and ideas you learn from the group.

To make the most out of your membership in a marketing mastermind group, you should be an active participant in the group’s discussions and activities. Take advantage of the opportunity to learn from other members and share your own insights and experiences. Set specific goals for your marketing efforts and hold yourself accountable to the group for achieving them. Finally, be open to feedback and suggestions from other members and use them to improve your marketing initiatives.