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Home Care Website Design for Senior Solutions Home Care

Explore the newly launched home care website design by Approved Senior Network for Senior Solutions Home Care. Optimal user experience for seniors and their families alike.
Explore the newly launched home care website design by Approved Senior Network for Senior Solutions Home Care. Optimal user experience for seniors and their families alike.

We’re excited to announce the launch of a new home care website design, brought to you by Approved Senior Network® for Senior Solutions Home Care.

This comprehensive online platform has been meticulously designed to cater to the needs of seniors and their family members, providing all the information, services, and resources at your fingertips.


Our aim is to enhance the digital journey of both seniors and their families as they navigate through the complexities of home care.


With a user-friendly interface, the new website design reflects our unwavering commitment to providing high-quality care while ensuring our visitors have a seamless browsing experience.


Welcome to a digital home care solution that’s not just user-friendly but also packed full of resources and information to meet your unique needs.


We hope you find our new design not only aesthetically pleasing but also incredibly functional and informative. 

Home Care Website Features

Senior Solutions Home Care was looking for a similar look and feel as their old website, but needed it to be updated on the front and back-end.


The Approved Senior Network® team took one website and created a multi-site configuration that supports 6 offices across Tennessee and Atlanta, Georgia.


A multi-site configuration allows each office to have their own content, SEO, blog, newsletter and more.


When it comes to more complicated website designs and features for home care agencies, look no further than Approved Senior Network®.


The team also implemented an easy-to-navigate search function that allows the user to find the office closest to them.

See it live here: https://www.seniorsolutionshomecare.com/locations/


About Senior Solutions Home Care

Senior Solutions Home Care serves 95 counties in Tennessee and 15 counties in Georgia.


“For over 10 years we’ve been offering a variety of senior solutions and services, all customized to your specific needs! We specialize in Senior Home Care, Companion Care, Personal Care, Veterans Care and can help with your Transportation needs as well. We also offer Care Management, Technology help, Nutritional advice and support many different types of Senior Transitions.”SeniorSolutionsHomeCare.com


Kunu Kaushal is the Founder & CEO of Senior Solutions Home Care, Founder of the Independent Home Care Alliance (IHCA), and Past President of the Tennessee Association for Home Care (TAHC). With his grandparents as his first clients, Kunu opened Senior Solutions in 2010 and has since added service lines in transportation, nutrition, care management, transition services, and veteran care solutions, all while expanding to 20+ offices, all 95 counties in Tennessee, and a growing presence in Georgia.


Beyond owning and operating his home care agency, Kunu loves spending time with his wife, Jill, and their three daughters. Kunu is passionate about speaking and networking at as many home care industry events as he possibly can, and truly loves learning and growing in what he does!

About Approved Senior Network® Home Care Websites

Approved Senior Network® provides highly specialized website design and development services for home care agencies.


They construct advanced, aesthetically pleasing home care websites that include CRM forms and text-to-chat widgets, which facilitate the automation of instant notifications and the delivery of leads.


By partnering with Approved Senior Network, home care agencies join hundreds of other owners who trust their developers and support services, benefiting from a lead-generating website that effectively serves both the agency and the local consumers it aims to reach​.


Approved Senior Network (ASN) provides an all-encompassing solution for home care website design and development services.


They bring over 15 years of experience in the home care industry, providing online marketing needs and training sales staff in in-person referral source marketing. They use proven online and in-field sales and marketing techniques to reach and convert their target audience into clients or referral sources​.


ASN’s Sales & Marketing System elevates your business with a high-performing home care website, trust-building content, and social media engagement. They offer solutions designed to increase the quality of in-person referral marketing and sales efforts, allowing you to reach more referral sources and increase in-field sales productivity​.


Their services also include full caregiver recruiting with systems that quickly transition care professionals from inquiry to hired, and a customizable Caregiver Retention Program to maintain professionals for as long as possible. ASN provides a customizable CRM and training to manage your in-field sales team effectively​.


ASN utilizes advanced SEO techniques to enhance your website’s visibility on major search engines like Google and Bing. Their SEO specialists understand the local home care market needs, making SEO a cost-effective strategy for gaining organic traffic​.


ASN offers comprehensive sales and marketing training, including 32 modules, 9 hours of sales training videos, and 40 custom “leave-behinds” to enhance your local, in-field sales, and marketing knowledge. They also provide consultations with their staff to ensure a comprehensive understanding of the current home care space, from online marketing to in-person direct referral marketing​.


ASN provides live bi-monthly mastermind meetings with home care marketing and sales experts, or you can access the replays at your convenience. These sessions cover a wide range of topics, including in-field marketing, social media, seasonal marketing, and many others that your competitors might not want you to know​.


In summary, ASN’s website services are designed to position you as the preferred home care provider in a highly competitive market, transforming leads and referrals into trust-building, nurturing campaigns through email marketing, text, social media, and newsletters.


ASN home care websites include CRM forms and text-to-chat widgets that automate instant notification and delivery of leads, creating a lead-generating, advanced, and user-friendly website that works for both you and consumers in your local area​.

Valerie VanBooven RN BSN

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