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Approved Senior Network® Welcomes Stephanie LeDonne as CRM Integration and Automation Specialist

Approved Senior Network® Welcomes our new CRM Integration and Automation Specialist, Stephanie LeDonne.
Approved Senior Network® Welcomes our new CRM Integration and Automation Specialist, Stephanie LeDonne.

[St. Charles, Missouri] — Approved Senior Network®, a leading provider in home care sales and marketing solutions, is thrilled to announce the addition of Stephanie LeDonne to our team as the CRM Integration and Automation Specialist. Stephanie brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise in digital marketing, along with a unique blend of creativity and technical skill, to her new role.


Stephanie is a distinguished professional with a rich background in digital marketing and a passion for storytelling and self-expression. Before joining Approved Senior Network®, Stephanie founded Essencion, where she dedicates herself to helping women find and confidently tell their stories in a way that resonates deeply. Her journey in marketing is complemented by her artistic talents, notably in singing, which she uses as a medium for meditation, confidence building, and connection.


Living in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, Stephanie enjoys the serene beauty of Lake Superior and engages in music, ranging from jazz to R&B, showcasing her melodic and unique voice. Her personal journey has been one of resilience and transformation, marked by her studies in vocal performance, music therapy, and English at Northern Michigan University. Stephanie’s life took a significant turn following the loss of her brother in 2020, propelling her into a dual role: a marketer by day and a spiritual business coach by night, guiding women to fulfill their purpose and grow their businesses.


In her new role at Approved Senior Network®, Stephanie will leverage her extensive certifications and knowledge in digital marketing to enhance CRM integration and automation processes. Her certifications include:


  • HighLevel Certified Admin
  • Social Media Marketing Certified via Hubspot Academy
  • Digital Marketing Certified via Hubspot Academy


Additionally, Stephanie has completed numerous courses through SemRush on Content Marketing and SEO, further solidifying her expertise in the field.


“We are excited to welcome Stephanie to our team,” said Valerie VanBooven RN BSN, Co-Owner, Approved Senior Network®. “Her unique blend of digital marketing skills, creativity, and personal journey of overcoming obstacles and finding her voice will be invaluable to our mission of providing top-notch marketing solutions to the senior care industry.”


Stephanie is also an accomplished speaker on topics such as Digital Marketing, Content Creation, Self Expression, and Overcoming Obstacles, and she looks forward to contributing her insights and expertise to the growth and success of Approved Senior Network®.


For more information about Stephanie LeDonne and her role at Approved Senior Network®, please visit Approved Senior Network® website.


About Approved Senior Network® Approved Senior Network® is a premier marketing solutions provider dedicated to the senior care industry. With a focus on digital marketing, SEO, and CRM integration, Approved Senior Network® helps home care agencies and senior care providers enhance their online presence and connect with more clients.

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