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How to Go From “Struggle” to “Home Care Business Success” in Your Local Market with This….

This video is for home care agency owners and marketers- both medical and non-medical- who feel like they are watching their competition grab up all of the leads and referrals in their local area.
Home Care Marketing Mindset

This video is for home care agency owners and marketers- both medical and non-medical- who feel like they are watching their competition grab up all of the leads and referrals in their local area.


I’m going to give you the secret to attracting all the home care clients you want…. and I’m going to give it to you in just two words.


These 2 words are so important that if you don’t have them, you don’t have a chance of ever attracting your dream clients, or hitting your income or revenue goals.

So, what ARE those two things that they have…… that you probably don’t?


Authority and Trust.


Now look, maybe you’ve got the certifications or the agency awards or the fancy degree or the letters after your name…. or maybe you don’t have any of those things.


Either way, authority and trust are what allows you to take seniors, adult children of aging parents, and professional referral sources from searching around on the internet and social media, to choosing your home care agency and senior care programs, even if they’ve never heard of you before.


And that’s the secret. That’s the key that enables you to have an amazing home care business.


When you have authority and trust, everything works.


Without it, nothing works.


So how do you create that authority and trust, when you don’t have a huge audience or huge following or dozens of testimonials and case studies or a bunch of letters after your name?


Well, if you watch this short presentation all the way to the end, I’m gonna show you a very simple proven system for establishing your authority and credibility in minutes…..And how to do it so powerfully, that new clients will be knocking on your door day after day.


Even if you have no audience, no following, and no one knows who you are.


In fact, I’m gonna give you so much detail in this video that by the time you’re done, you’ll be able to execute this entire thing yourself and put it into practice in your home care business.


Before I get into that though, let me quickly check in with you to see where you’re at.


Does this sound like you?

Are you struggling to get new clients to sign up with you because nobody knows about your amazing home care agency?


Do you see people and home care agencies in your industry who have spent years building up their trust and authority, and you have no idea how you could possibly catch up?


Do you have to really struggle some months to hit your revenue goals and other months maybe you don’t get there at all?


And most of all, do you feel like you are totally invisible in your marketplace?


Well, if any of that sounds like you then I actually have good news because none of those things are the real problem.


The real problem is that you don’t have a system for instantly creating real trust and authority in your market.


Now, I’m going to hand you that system right here in this video.


But for right now, just know this…..once you have this system up and running, you’ll know the exact right words to say to make your audience instantly see you as a trusted authority.


You’ll create an automatic and powerful connection with your target audience so they feel that you know them better than they know themselves and you’ll be able to do all of this without grinding out content on social media all day or pretending to be someone you’re not.


So here’s the bottom line….. there’s a proven system for creating trust and authority in just minutes and then using that authority to consistently enroll your dream clients straight into your home care agency services and programs.


So everything you’ve been feeling,

  • all the frustration,
  • all the fear,
  • all the self-doubt,

…none of that is your fault you just didn’t have a system for creating instant authority and trust.


Now you will.


You can take this system and you can put it into play in your home care business starting today.


No one else is doing this.

No one is teaching this.


I’m Valerie VanBooven, I’m a Registered Nurse and the Founder and Co-Owner of Approved Senior Network Marketing.


We are the number one company on the planet when it comes to helping home care agencies and senior service businesses just like yours, use cutting-edge marketing to cut through all the bs in your marketplace using both online and in-person field marketing.


Let’s talk about what people really want.


Your prospects and referral sources only care about one thing.


Can they trust you to solve their biggest senior care problem?


That’s it.


And that my friend leads you to the secret.


Instant authority and trust are created when you prove to a total stranger in mere seconds that you understand them, and their problem, better than anyone else on this planet and that they can trust you to solve it.


And when you can do that, nothing else matters.


People will line up for the opportunity to work with you and your home care agency.


And here’s the best part. To do this, you don’t have to sell yourself, prove yourself or convince anyone of anything.


People with real trust and authority….I mean the people, You look up to and trust the most.  They don’t stand on a mountaintop screaming to the rest of the world, I’m the best, follow me!


No, they use something much more powerful.


They use something called intrinsic influence.


Now, this is a little-known psychological trigger that you can use to flip the “trust and authority” switch in your prospect’s mind.


And once you flip it, they will instantly and permanently see you as a leading and trusted authority and no one will be able to convince them otherwise.


Pay attention right here, because what makes this so powerful, is that they come to this conclusion on their own.


Not because you convinced them, but because they decided it to be true for themselves.


This is a game-changer.


You see, when somebody else tells us how great they are, I mean……Maybe we believe it, maybe we don’t.


But when we come to a conclusion on our own, we take full ownership of that decision, we stick with that decision, and we will even defend that decision if someone tries to talk us out of it.

This is incredibly powerful.


When total strangers begin deciding for themselves, just moments after seeing your video or information for the first time, that you are undeniably the leading and trusted authority in your market, believe me, everything gets easier.


So the question becomes then, how do we make that happen?


How do we use intrinsic influence to flip the “trust and authority” switch in your prospect’s mind and introduce you as a trusted expert who can solve their problems?


It’s called the Home Care Marketing System.


We use this to establish instant credibility, influence, and rapport.


And with that authority comes a consistent demand for your services.


So here’s how it works. The Home Care Marketing System includes a simple four-step process that anybody can follow, but the real magic is right in that second step.


It’s a simple short video that you can record in an afternoon.


Now, in this video, you’re going to do something that almost no one else in your marketplace is doing.


You’re going to tell the truth.


The real, unvarnished, bold, and raw truth of exactly what your audience is experiencing right now.


The pain, the frustration, the discomfort, and all the challenges that stem from caring for an aging parent, or loved one.


Now, when you do this the right way, with just the right words, they trigger a sudden transformation in your audience’s subconscious.


They will instantly conclude that the only reason you know what they’re going through in such detail is because you understand this topic deeper than anyone else, and because you have the solution that they’ve been looking for.


So when you do this right, some magical things happen.


People instantly know, like, and trust you for the right reasons.


You’ve shown that you really are an authority, and once your audience reaches that conclusion for themselves, again, it’s virtually impossible to change their minds.


Your audience will feel like you understand them better than anyone else in their life, better than their best friend, better than their wife or husband or kids, because you will be speaking the truth that they are afraid to say for themselves.


And finally, they will feel understood and heard by you. Far too often people know how they feel, but they struggle to communicate it.


So one of the greatest gifts that you can give your audience is to put into words what they’ve been dying to say, but can’t.


This is it. This is where authority and trust are created.


And when you do it properly, nothing is more powerful.


As I promised at the beginning of this video, here’s our exact process.


First, you start out by creating your compelling message and video.


Your video and message can be used on your website, social media, in paid advertising, in blog posts, in your newsletter….anywhere you want to use it!


That video, and the accompanying message, should speak directly to the pain your audience is in, describe their problems better than they can, but then also show them the light at the end of the tunnel, acknowledge that a simple solution does exist, but it’s one that only your home care agency can provide.


Prospects see your content, they CLICK, and go straight to the video.


It’s that VIDEO that flips that “trust and authority” switch and creates a huge demand for your services.


Once you flip that switch, you must make the audience an OFFER that solves their problem.


That offer can be pretty much anything you want.


A Free Assessment, a free consultation, a free elder care coaching session, a copy of your mini-book.


What matters is that you make that offer.


Now, if your audience wants to take advantage of that offer and get your help, they’re going to


  • click a button,
  • fill out an application,
  • and book a phone appointment with you.


And on that call, you’re going to do three things.


  • You’re going to listen
  • You’re going to ask great questions,
  • And you’re going to tell the truth.


And remember, by the time they get on the phone with you, You’re already that trusted authority.


And that means those conversations are easier and more powerful.


You ask great questions to find out what’s really going on and how the problem is showing up in that person’s life.


Make suggestions about what you could do to help them fix the problem.


And then you just sign them or their family member up for whatever home care services make the most sense in their situation.


That’s the Home Care Marketing System.


Content, Video, Offer, Phone Call, New Client


The key to making this work is to make sure you execute all of this perfectly.

You need the right message copy and the right content for your video.

Every word of your video has to be correct.

And, you need to know how to nail that phone call.


You have 2 choices.


Start using what I just talked about right now.


Go create that video, the messages, and the content that surrounds that effort.


You can build this whole thing out yourself and then dial it in.


Or, you can have our team build this whole thing for you to make absolutely certain that we get this right the first time.


Now here’s what that looks like.


In our Home Care Marketing System, we handcraft everything for you.

  • Your blog posts
  • Your social media posts
  • We help you with your video.
  • We create and manage your monthly newsletter
  • We create and manage your automations, CRM account, and drip campaigns,
  • and we take care of all the annoying tech stuff so that you don’t have to.


In short, we build out your entire Home Care Marketing System for you from scratch.


And while we’re building all of this, we’ll also give you access to our 2 times per month Home Care Marketing Mastermind class, held live every other Friday.


Now, when everything’s said and done, you’ll have a perfectly crafted marketing system that establishes you as the trusted authority in your local area, creates instant connection with your audience, and brings you the exact clients you want.


So the question you need to ask yourself is this, do you know where your next client is going to come from?


Because if you don’t, that’s a huge problem.


The difference between a business that fails and one that succeeds is a steady flow of ideal clients coming in the door.


That’s what your Home Care Marketing System can give you.


I want to invite you to book a free consultation with my team now.


We’ll get on the phone for about 45 minutes and you can tell us all about your business.


What’s working?  What’s not?


We’ll look at everything and we’ll just tell you straight up if we think the Home Care Marketing System can work for you.


And if it can, great. We’re happy to build it for you and coach you through how to use it. And if not, I promise we’ll steer you toward something else that we think is better for your unique situation.


Now, either way, our goal on this call is to get you total clarity about whether the Home Care Marketing System is the best approach for your business.


So just click the button under this video and book your free consultation now. You’ll be taken to a short application.


Click the button and book that call now.


And by the way, this is not for everyone.


We have two very strict requirements you must meet in order to qualify for this call.

  • First, you must have been in business for at least 1 year, and have active clients and caregivers.
  • Two, you must be willing to invest time and money in your home care business for purposes of marketing online and


One last really important thought I want to leave you with. If you’re marketing sounds like everyone else, you are already lost in a sea of noise.


If your marketing doesn’t connect with your audience and establish authority and trust within the first two minutes, you are already lost in a sea of noise.


And if you can’t connect with your audience without having to pretend to be someone you’re not, you’re missing the biggest opportunity of all.


If you want to break into the most crowded markets on the planet with tons of entrenched competition and absolutely blow those competitors away with an authentic, powerful message where every single word rings true, then your marketing needs to be amazing.


And that’s what the Home Care Marketing System gives you. Powerful, smoking hot, handcrafted marketing that tells the truth and also perfectly expresses who you are.


Marketing that creates instant connection and authority with your audience and makes them see you as the only person on the planet who can fix their problem…… even if they’ve never heard of you before now.


So if that’s the kind of marketing you need and you want to work with the absolute best in the industry, click the button under this video and book that consultation now.


I’m Valerie VanBooven, and let’s talk soon.

Valerie VanBooven RN BSN

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